Cherie Miracle

Assistant Manager

Bio by Megan Sarinana 

Meet Cherie Miracle, our assistant manager. Before becoming part of the Brews Brothers family, Cherie wasn’t new to the coffee business. As a young adult her family owned a coffee shop in Kentucky called, Taming of the Brew, where she helped her mom in the kitchen. Then in 2016, grown up with a family of her own, she moved to the Sierra Vista area, and began in June of the following year as a barista for Brews Brothers.

Starting out as a barista again, at Brews Brothers Cherie went back to her roots and would even, “take her work home with her”. Not only did she work to familiarize herself with the roasts offered, she also worked hard to ensure she learned the best methods for crafting the ultimate drink for each customer. In the last year she has taken on the task of helping with the overall workings of the shop as an assistant manager, which includes working the coffee packing station, managing schedule, offering coffee tastings, training new baristas, overseeing the sandwich station and helping fine-tune the ratios for our locally created Tashi Tea, just to mention a few. 

Ask Cherie what is the most important part of this business, and she’ll tell you it's the customer. From being on a first name basis with the regulars to helping first time customers find their new favorite drink or coffee roast for them to enjoy, she helps our coffee shop feel like a little piece of home away from home.