How Does Our Fundraising Program Work?

Could your team use some extra money for shoes, new gear, or other expenses? 

Here at Brews Brothers Coffee we're always looking for new ideas to support youth clubs, so we came up with a great way to partner up with you and your team. 
Your team can earn up to 30% of all sales! That is no less than $5 per sale. No hassle, no paperwork. Just apply and go!

Option #1 Door-to-Door

  • Let us know how many participants you have and a sales brochures will be sent to you
  • Distribute forms and kick off fundraiser 
  • Collect all order forms and payment from participants
  • Tally the orders and send Brews Brothers payment for coffee, you keep the profit! 
  • We roast your orders fresh, separate per participant, and ship to you for distribution 

Note: You will receive your shipment within a two - three week period. Free shipping for orders of 100 bags of coffee or more!

Option #2 Online

  • Determine when the fundraising campaign will take place 
  • We issue a coupon code to be used on our fundraising website at checkout
  • Participants email friends and family about the coffee fundraiser (we can provide a template)
  • Customers purchase coffee online; we roast it fresh, and ship it directly to them.
  • At the end of the fundraiser we tally your sales and send you a check!

Fundraising Made Easy!

  • No start up fees or minimum orders 
  • 30% profit margins
  • Custom color labels 
  • Product roasted fresh
  • Delivered within 2 weeks 
  • Product separated per participant 
  • Product can be stored at room temperature 
  • Dedicated fundraising specialist

Since over 60% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee daily, you would be participating in one of the best fundraising ideas offered. With our exceptional fresh roasted coffee your team will have a product offering that is easy to sell and sure to please everyone. 
We have developed a fundraising program that is user friendly, making it easy, profitable, and fun for organizations of all sizes to reach and exceed their fundraising goals