Sample Size

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Dear Customers, 

We did a temporary offer for free coffee samples and within a couple of hours it went viral. We have over 1000 requests to fill!! 

Because of this demand, and since we only have a small, family operated roastery, we are reaching out to each one of you (to the  email you provided) to make sure you DID in fact make such an order and it wasn't somebody trying to scam us. Please reply to with your order number (EXAMPLE: Order # R970410835) as the title of your email and we will send your coffee out in the sequence we receive your confirmations. 

If we do not receive this requested confirmation or if any of the information provided is phony, Brews Brothers Coffee will NOT process your request. Please make sure we have your correct name, email, phone number and address in order to receive your free coffee sample. 

Thanks for choosing Brews Brothers Coffee