COSTA RICA CoopeTarrazu


COSTA RICA Coope Tarrazu 


Costa Rica CoopeTarrazu SHB EP is sourced from members of CoopeTarrazú R.L. CoopeTarrazú is a cooperative that was founded in 1960, and now has over 3,200 members from San Marcos de CoopeTarrazú, a canton in the province of San Jose, Costa Rica. In 2004, CoopeTarrazú went through an organizational transformation bringing about five guiding principles for the cooperative: solidarity, transparency, sustainability, quality, and service. As part of their sustainable business model, CoopeTarrazú operates a profitable agriculture store and grocery store. Cooperative members also have access to low interest loans and healthcare. CoopeTarrazú also strives to serve the community through environmental protection initiatives and migrant worker support programs.