Cascara 8 oz


Origin: Costa Rica

Flavor: Earthy rose hips, tamarind, and sweet hibiscus. 

Cascara means “husk” or “skin” in Spanish and is the outer peel of the coffee cherry, which has been sun dried. It ibrewed similarly to tea and  is loaded with antioxidants.

The strength and sweetness will depend on your brewing method and length. The caffeine content varies, generally it is around 1/3 of the caffeine of regular coffee. 

Brewing Instructions:

• Heat water to 200 degrees Farenheit
• Place 18g of cascara in 10oz of the heated water
• Steep 4 min (or longer for added body & sweetness)
• Strain and enjoy

• Place 36g of cascara in 12oz of cold water
• Steep at room temperature for 12-16 hours
• Strain and enjoy