Light roast

Cinnamon Roast

Also known as Light Roast. This coffee is dropped at the first crack and will be a light brown color. Sweetness is underdeveloped, with prominent toasted grain, grassy flavors, and sharp acidity prominent. It almost has a harsh and sour taste. 

Medium roast

American Roast

Medium light brown, developed during first crack. This crack sounds like popcorn popping. Acidity is slightly muted, but origin character is still preserved.

City Roast

Medium brown, dropped almost immediately after first crack is over. Bright and acidic notes preserving its origin character.

Dark Roast

Full City Roast

Medium dark brown, perfect for a light espresso. This roast almost arrives to the second crack. Beans will have some oil presence. Sweetness and body are highlighted. Try our SUMATRA MANDHELING dark

Vienna Roast

Also known as Light French. These beans are taken to the second crack. Moderate dark brown with light surface oil, more bittersweet, caramel flavor, and acidity is muted. Any origin characteristics have become eclipsed by roast at this level.

French Roast

Dark brown, shiny surface, burnt undertones, acidity diminished. Dropped at the end of second crack.  Roast character is dominant, none of the natural flavors of the coffee remain, and instead a bittersweet to charred flavor is present.

Italian Roast

Nearly black and shiny, burnt tones become more distinct, acidity nearly eliminated, thin body. Within seconds this bean with start a fire….

Our Roaster 

We proudly own a Osturk 10 Kg. It's one mean machine!!